Nowadays a lot of people post much fake news. They think is funny but it isn’t. Now with all the technology that they have, it's hard to distinguish between real news and fake news. There are many apps on the internet that help them develop fake news, one of those apps is photoshop. It is important that every time they see fake news, not to click in them because if they click them the fake news became more popular and will start appearing on many people's suggested page. Maybe a little group of persons know how to distinguished fake news from real news, but the majority don’t know.

An example that proves that fake news is very bad is the fake news that was spread during the USA presidential elections, some fake news about Hillary Clinton spread and because of that Donald Trump won the elections.
Luckily for us, there is a system that helps them to determine whether the news is fake or real. This system consists of many steps. The first step is to consider the source because if the source is famous as a very popular newspaper like New York Times it's probably real, but if the newspaper is not famous, there is a high chance that the news are fake. The second step is to read beyond lines because sometimes they write an interesting part in big letters and the true story in small letters. The third step is to check the author because sometimes the author could be an engineer and be writing a medicine article. The fourth step is to check the sources of the article. The fifth step is to check the date because sometimes they repost an old article. And the last step is to consult the news with an expert, for example, history teacher if the news is about history, a doctor if the news is about medicine, etc.
The benefits of knowing the truth are a lot because you will know the whole story, and it's much better to be informed with the real news than with the interesting but fake news. An example is that when the people voted for Trump was because they didn't know the truth they were tricked and they actually don't voted for the best the voted for the fewer worse because they spread fake news about Hillary Clinton telling them that if they pick her as president of the USA she will be a very bad president.