Diego Gutierrez

My name is Diego Gutierrez, and I was born on May 14 of 2004 in Monterrey Mexico. Then when I started growing up I joined the Irish of Monterrey school. I joined on 2nd grade of kindergarten, I made a lot of friends on my firsts days of school. I continued to grow up and I decided to join a sports team, I joined soccer`s team. Later on, when I was on primary they invited me to the friendship tournament, I was so excited. Time passed and I continued on the soccer team, but then a couch from a soccer club named Rayaditos decided to invite me to play with them in McAllen, I said yes. Later on in my life, I decided to quit soccer and joined the basketball team. That year I went for the first time in my life to missions. I had a great time and that week also changed my way of seeing things. There was a very good team, so it was hard to be a beginner or even to play. So I began to train a lot, with time I became a better player and little by little I became the captain. Then I continued playing because I liked to play basketball and the San Pedro selection coach invited me to play with him, I obviously said yes. But time passed and the other players were very good and I played like a minute per game so I wanted to quit. Then I told myself I can do this so I didn't quit and became a beginner in the San Pedro selection of basketball.