José Manuel de la Peña

I am José Manuel De la Peña González, I am currently 15 years old. I was born on January 30, 2004. I have lived my whole life in Monterrey. In my early years, I entered kindergarten Little Town. Then, in 2007 I entered the Irish Institute of Monterrey in preschool. I made many friends that, as time went by, many left to other schools. Since I completed three years in preschool, I went to elementary school. In the six years of elementary school, I won many academic medals and diplomas. I had the opportunity to meet new friends and most have lasted until now. Then high school arrived, where I was growing in knowledge and skills. I enjoyed doing team projects. The time I was in high school, I trained soccer and athletics. Currently, I am in the second semester of the Anahuác Campus San Agustín High School. I really like playing sports and listening to music. Also, I like being with my family and going with my friends to parties. I like to travel the world to discover. I like places that keeps me active and with things to do at all times. As a hobby, I like to investigate how to plan a business to find out which is the best option. Thanks to all the academic awards, the good and bad experiences with many failures, the support of my family and friends, I am what I am now. That is a much better person. That's why I would like to make my own company in the future, using the knowledge that the last years have taught me. Finally, I want to help people who read this blog to teach them about business, wars, migration, etc. The best topics just for you.