José Antonio Rodríguez

My name is José Antonio Rodríguez Martínez and I am studying at the Prepa Anahuac. I am 16 years old and I live on Monterrey, Mexico. I was born on Monterrey and I was all my life on the Irish International School. Studying in the Irish taught me many things, but the most important of them was to help people with the most simple things you can. If you can do big things do them, but what I mean is that little things can make a change.

 During my life I always was the guy who behaves good in class and carry only for himself. That was until I started seeing life different. The fifth grade I started hanging out more with my friends. The summer of fifth grade my grandfather invited to work on his company so I could learn some things. At first I didn’t know what to do because I was new there and didn’t know much. As the days passed I started seeing things on a different way and in the company I started to help the people on simple tasks that and 11 year old boy could do. Since that summer I had more interest on helping people and on working. 

As I was growing up I started to give everything a chance I learn on the summer on ninth grade I started to organize tournaments and have the count on the money to then give all the money to people who don’t have much money so they can be treated medically. I started to like helping and making things like that. That was when I realize I could do more and by the end of that year the Irish gave my team an award for being a good team of work and also awarded me for being the leader of that team. These year made a change and made me think that I could be the leader of a team and the one who could make changes, little changes that at last could be great.

Some of my hobbies are to organize things, being on extra classes, spend some time developing new things and new challenges. I want to tell society that there can be a change on the actions of the world if they are willing to make small changes.

In this blog we will talk about topics that have a lot to do with people interacting with other people, and in this blog I want to make people feel good with themselves. So they can prevent events to happen to them.