30 May

Being an entrepreneur it is a work of high risk and great benefits at the same time. It is that person who takes risks and looks for opportunities where the benefit looks great. He is the person who takes new challenges and new work projects that make him stand out. It makes the entrepreneur think that what he has done is not enough and he needs to do more. That is why being an entrepreneur is related to risks and benefits.

First of all an advantage or benefit of being an entrepreneur is that you can have the opportunity to get extra money. Another advantage is that your independence as a worker is becoming stronger. Because of this it gives you satisfaction and motivation to continue taking the risk to get more and more. It motivates you because you challenge yourself and if you succeed you feel invincible and nothing stops you.

A big advantage is that you are your own boss. It is an aspect that many people like. Only to be your own boss you need a lot of responsibility. Although being your own boss you will know who you will hire your company if you wish. Being an entrepreneur you can work anywhere in the world, you need your computer or even just your phone.

There are many disadvantages in this work. One of them is the economic risks that cannot be avoided, since they are included in all entrepreneurs and companies. A very important point that everyone should know is that to start a business you need an investment to make your business work. If you don't have that money, your business will have to wait and start saving. It is also clear that we may be opening a new business and it is a failure. You would lose all your money in a company that didn't work.

Another disadvantage is your free time. Free time is not defined, not even your work hours. This is because you can stay until midnight to make your business successful. Your free hours are dependent on how much work you have to do. Finally, to be a great entrepreneur you have to demand too much to be better every time. A lot of organization is required so that your business is not a failure.

In conclusion, being an entrepreneur is not as easy as they say. People who are responsible and organized are needed so that the business is not a failure. It has many advantages and disadvantages. As well as getting extra money or failing to put all your money in a company that in the end did not work. It's like everything, if you try hard you can achieve what you want.

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